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School Bus – Shut Your Mouth TV Commercial

“Fill Your Tank” TV


When I started at McGarrah Jessee, the advertising for Whataburger was already set in place and was performing extremely well in the marketplace. Other than trying to take the work in new directions once in a while to keep things interesting, there wasn’t a whole lot that needing fixing. The voice of the brand is so strongly associated with the brand that one Central Texas DJ has people call in daily during lunch to imitate the “Whataburger guy”. and win prizes. And no, we don’t pay him. Some things should not be messed with. Until recently, Whataburger wasn’t even interested in social media or digital as the brand has a strong foothold amongst the older half of the demo. Fortunately, we were able to make major inroads with our A-1 Thick and Hearty Farewell campaign. And given the response, the client is now rapidly becoming a believer in the power of Hulu, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Three Whataburger Radio Commercials:

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